Frank Ordiway has not only done a fantastic job guiding my older child’s application process, but he did so while also saving our family’s sanity. My son is in a school where there is high competition and anxiety about where to go to college, which makes Frank’s counsel in all of this more valuable since he offers my son realistic and challenging options appropriate to his interests and needs without heightening his anxiety or hurting his spirit. Frank knows what an applicant has to do nowadays, and he’s able to get cooperation in the process better than any parent might. My son will be a senior next year and already Frank has managed the SAT strategy; listened carefully to his preferences for colleges and helped him to winnow the choices to a manageable bunch; helped him think about his essays; and encouraged a much more serious attitude about the whole process (but without promoting the psychosis that often comes with it). I cannot imagine going through this without Frank. We still have another to go and we will definitely be repeat customers!

Having Frank Ordiway critique my essays was so much more than just a revision: It was an overhaul. His insight sharpened my focus, both on paper, and later during interviews. Discussing my applications for even half an hour with Frank did more for my writing style and abilities than my entire Freshman Writing Seminar! The best part of reviewing an application with him is that his critical voice sticks in your head. For better or worse, it’s helped my proposal writing ever since. Working in the sciences, it’s easy to get too close to your work. Having him critique your application will not only make it relevant to a wider audience, but will give it a flow and focus, making it a pleasure to read. I’m certain that without his help, I would have never received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship and an NSF.

Dr. Ordiway came to my school two years ago to talk to students about going to college, since less than a third went on to earn a college degree. Since I always wanted to be an engineer, I had big dreams, but I had no idea how to get into a college where it was taught and where I could get in. Dr. Ordiway worked with me over the year to help me get into the right courses in school and to look at different colleges. When he told me that I should really take precalculus to be able to apply, I almost gave up hope, because my school did not offer it. But Dr. Ordiway was able to find me a summer program at a community college so that when I applied to college, I was accepted by four different engineering schools. I am now in my first year at Rutgers. If Dr. Ordiway had not helped me think about taking the right courses and then helping me learn about different types of colleges, I know I would not be here now. He made me work hard on my essays and to explain myself to the admissions office. Thanks Dr, Ordiway!

A friend told me to go see [Frank] to talk about scholarships for postgraduate study in England. I quickly realized I was not going to be competitive for any of them, and I am grateful that Frank was honest enough to keep me from wasting a lot of time in trying. However, I am also grateful that he still encouraged me to apply to masters programs in London and helped me find the right programs that would help me grow. He read countless drafts of my application, and was always honest and helpful in his critiques. I have now just finished a masters at LSE so much better prepared for graduate school in the states than I was as a senior in college, and this fall I will be starting at one of the top five law schools. I could not have done it without Frank’s patience and help in improving my writing. I am sure the skills he taught me are going to be a terrific asset for the rest of my life.

I’ll be going to Princeton this fall, thanks to Dr. Ordiway’s excellent advice. He’s the best!

Frank encouraged me to apply to my dream schools when I thought I’d never get in. He showed me that I had more going for me than I knew and how to show that in my application. I will be at Harvard this fall! Thanks! Without your encouragement, Frank, I would never have even applied.

When I didn’t get into the school I applied to ED, I panicked. My parents called Dr. Ordiway, who showed me how poorly I had presented myself in my essays, and he advised me about how to improve them. I got in some great schools after that, and I have just accepted Amherst College’s offer. I think it is the right place for me, and my parents are ecstatic!

Both my husband and I were raised outside of the United States and we never went to college, so when my daughter was about to be a junior in high school, we knew we weren’t going to be able to give her good advice. She read though a lot of booklets in her counselor’s office, but it just made her nervous. She had heard that it was really hard to get into a good college, but she didn’t know what that meant. A friend of mine at church knew Frank, and said that he had helped many students like my daughter apply to good schools, so I called him. Although I was nervous when I spoke to him, he was very friendly and relaxed, and I knew right away that he was the right person to help my daughter. Besides helping her find colleges that met her academic and extracurricular needs (she is a premed and she likes to run and swim and do church work), he showed her how to make the best impressions she could on the schools she applied to. She got into Syracuse University with a scholarship, and she loves it. We would never have thought of that school if it had not been for Frank’s advice, but it is perfect! He is now going to help her plan for medical school.

I always wanted to go to great school, even though I quickly came to see that I did not know how to decide which ones would be best. Dr. Ordiway was marvelous at helping me come up with a good list that represented my interests. More importantly, he was able to help me write successful applications to both Stanford and Cambridge. Then he patiently helped me think through which university would be the best fit for me. I have just finished my second year at Cambridge, and it could not be a better place to study. I recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting a great education.

I began looking into MA programs on my own and was lost in the expanse of graduate programs in education. Being a bit intimidated by the top programs, I mainly explored some safer options, but Frank encouraged me to reach for those schools I had initially thought to be out of reach, and guided me through the application and writing. I was very impressed by his thorough feedback on my writing and I feel that he got the best out of me and into the application. In the end, I was admitted to one of the country’s top schools, owing much of that accomplishment to Frank and his insights.