As part of a typical package for a candidate who begins to work with us during the spring before the application, we proceed in the following way, customizing each service to the needs of the individual student:

  • We get to know your hopes, desires, interests, what sort of qualities you are seeking in a school or university, and your ideas about the whole process. Exploring your interests in this way will help us arrive at appropriate lists of colleges, universities, or graduate schools that will meet your goals, and enable us to help you plan campus visits.
  • We help you identify the strengths in your record – both academic and extracurricular – and how to discuss any weaknesses in ways that are helpful.
  • We help you decide which standardized tests (SAT I and II, ACT, and others) will best work best for a strong application.
  • We discuss with you the most appropriate persons to write letters of recommendation on your behalf, and how to ask for these letters.
  • We brainstorm essay topics and work closely with you on refining and polishing your writing as you compose the (many) drafts that applications require for success.
  • We monitor the entire application process.

If you are a student in the earlier years of high school, we add the following:

  • We help you decide which courses are best for your schedule and, as appropriate, which AP, IB, A-levels, etc. to take.
  • We discuss how to make the best use of your summers (summer programs, jobs, internships, research opportunities, and other activities).
  • We advise you on how to think about extracurricular activities more broadly. Quality, not quantity, is often the key.